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'Superhot' seeks $100,000 to become the next great first-person shooter

'Superhot' seeks $100,000 to become the next great first-person shooter


Oculus Rift support is on the to-do list should the game get funded

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Debuting in September of last year in prototype form, Superhot was an immediate sensation because of its delightfully tricky gameplay mechanics. In-game time moves only when the player does, making for an entirely fresh approach to first-person shooters. Now rewritten "from the ground up to make it more expandable [and] dynamic," Superhot has arrived on Kickstarter in search of $100,000 in funding.

Along with covering the operational costs of completing the game, the development team is also looking for feedback and ideas from its supporters. Any funds received beyond the $100,000 threshold will be used for promoting the game. In among the stated goals for Superhot, the most exciting might be support for the Oculus Rift. The virtual reality headset that has rekindled our fascination with disembodied experiences isn't yet suited to quick and reflexive shoot-em-ups, but would be an ideal complement to a more thoughtful puzzler such as Superhot.

The Kickstarter campaign will last for 30 days, though the game's on pace to surpass its funding goal much sooner than that. It has gained nearly $10,000 of pledges in the first couple of hours of being online. To get a better sense of the Superhot promise, check out the September 2013 prototype of the game, which is playable in the browser.

Update May 15th, 5:54AM: Less than 24 hours after making its Kickstarter arrival, Superhot has surpassed its ambitious funding goal. 4,479 contributors have so far pledged $100,098, but with 30 days still to go, the game's development and ambitions could grow even larger if this momentum is sustained.