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LG's G3 smartphone fully revealed in leaked promotional photos

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Newly leaked promotional stills of the LG G3 offer our best look yet at the soon-to-be-announced flagship smartphone. This isn't the first time we've seen it by any means; LG's latest has already made numerous appearances in leaked images and shaky video clips. But these promo shots obtained by Phone Arena showcase the device in all its glory. As with the G2, LG has yet again managed to cram a large screen inside an impressively tight frame. From the looks of it, the side bezels on this device are essentially non-existent. And just as we reported previously, it'll come in gold; thankfully there are infinitely better looking black and white models, too.

LG has also revamped the rear buttons a bit. They look more textured, but don't seem to be quite as finger-friendly as last year's G2. Still, the screen and its unrivaled QHD 1440x2560 display are the real story here, and sadly it's impossible for a render to do that resolution justice. For the whole experience, we'll need to wait until May 27th, when LG is finally due to officially unveil the G3 to the world.