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Microsoft will offer Xbox Live refunds after making Netflix and other apps free

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Microsoft announced yesterday that it will finally allow all Xbox owners to stream media apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go starting in June. For years, watching video content within those popular apps required an Xbox Live Gold subscription. And apparently the company thinks some users were only Gold subscribers for that reason; Microsoft has announced it will offer prorated refunds to any customers that want to bail on the premium service now that they don't need to pay for Netflix twice.

You'll be able to request a refund once the June software update arrives, though Microsoft will only accept them through August 31st. Once you put in an official request, Microsoft will calculate a prorated amount to give back that's based on the number of days between your cancellation and when your subscription was originally slated to end. Unfortunately, getting your refund will take an exceptionally long six to eight weeks; apparently the math to figure out those refunds isn't so easy. Delays aside, it's still a classy move on Microsoft's part since the company is by no means obligated to take this step.