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ABC's first 'Selfie' trailer is a hot mess

ABC's first 'Selfie' trailer is a hot mess



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Selfie is a new show coming to ABC this fall. It's also a word for taking pictures of yourself, which is apparently not something upstanding people should do. Mostly it's a youth-friendly name for an ABC show that is pretty much just My Fair Lady meets the 21st century, about a social media-addicted woman who is slowly taught how to be something more than her Instagram profile.

She's beautiful on the outside, and butt on the inside. She has no idea how to say the words "how are you." There may or may not be a man involved.

The show's lineup is impressive (and very youth-friendly), featuring Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame and Hikaru Sulu himself, John Cho. ABC's whole lineup, including shows like Marvel's Agent Carter, is after the same younger and savvier demographics — Ellen's famous Oscar tweet was apparently much-discussed — but basically, Selfies looks like what happens when really smart people do really stupid things on camera. Coming this fall on ABC.