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'The Sims 4' will let you give your sims virtual butt implants

'The Sims 4' will let you give your sims virtual butt implants


Deeper creation tools give you near-complete control over your avatar

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The Sims 4 will feature a number of improvements over its predecessors, and chief among them is an insanely deep new character creation mode that gives you an amazing amount of control over your virtual avatar. And developer Maxis has just released a new, in-depth video that clearly shows just how much control you'll have. While you can still select options from a pre-defined list, you'll also be able to grab portions of your sim and push and pull them to make them bigger or smaller, or even just move them around.

The video shows series regular Bella Goth getting what can only be described as virtual breast and butt implants, all with the simple click of a mouse. It's a bit disturbing, but serves as a good example of the granular control you'll have, as you'll be able to tweak everything from shoulder size to eye placement. "We've completely reinvented our technology," says director Ryan Vaughan. The Sims 4 is slated to launch on PC this fall.