The Verge: Fully Responsive


Today, when reading the World Trade Center Memorial article linked by The Verge. While scrolling down the page, when I reached a short video, it began to play on its own. I kept scrolling down, and the video stopped. When I returned to the video's position, the video continued from where it left off. If I kept scrolling down, the previous video stopped, and another video played when I reached it. I had my Task Manager open at the time, and I noticed that Flash Player wasn't a process. This was all HTML5, which meant that very little memory was used (unlike Flash, whose very presence spike memory usage). Furthermore, I wasn't just watching the video, but instead reading the article and letting the article augment itself with an additional 30-90 second video blurb. All of this together made the experience of reading the article so smooth, immersive, pleasant, and...responsive.

This feels like the vision that The Verge staff has been heralding for quite some time, yet we have never seen. It's seems like such a small change, but it fundamentally altered how I experienced a medium-long read article. It's a feature that I would love to see this site implement, but of course that would mean killing off some things for smaller videos, like Flash and Auto-Player ( tragic).

What do you think? Should The Verge implement something similar to this for Video? What other ideas do you have that would make the dream of a fully responsive news site realized?