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Watch live: FCC decides the internet's future

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Today is an important day in the internet's history. Minutes from now, the FCC will convene to consider Chairman Tom Wheeler's controversial new "open internet" regulations that could ultimately allow ISPs to create "fast lanes" of internet service for companies willing to pay extra. Wheeler's plan has been met with a swift and harsh backlash from the public, groups advocating for net neutrality, and even his fellow FCC commissioners. This has all apparently led the FCC head to redraft his rules, if recent reports are accurate. Will paid prioritization still be a major component of what Wheeler has to share? Or will he finally bow to the growing outcry and move towards classifying broadband as the utility it should be? Tune in starting at 10:30AM ET to watch the FCC hash it out live in Washington. If you'd rather avoid the FCC's closed captioning, C-SPAN has another feed of today's meeting. It looks a bit better, too.