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'The Flash' TV series trailer shows the speedy superhero's origins

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The Flash is coming to CW this fall, and a first good look at the new superhero series has just premiered online in the form of an over five-minute-long trailer. The show appears to start as a fairly standard origin story, and while it definitely taps into some comic book clichés, it also appears to be willing to have a little fun — which is perhaps a good thing for an extended television series.

Though it won't be airing until fall, The Flash, as his alter ego Barry Allen, has already appeared briefly in CW's other DC Comics superhero series, Arrow. The Flash will be a casual spinoff in that sense, and from this new series' trailer, it looks like there will continue to be a big crossover between the two. It still appears to land far from the level of what Marvel's doing — and what DC certainly hopes to recreate — but it's still a start toward building a connected universe of its characters on TV.