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Read the FCC's controversial new net neutrality proposal

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The Federal Communications Commission has published the controversial new net neutrality proposal that it approved earlier today, finally allowing the public to read the policy in full. Though there's been a healthy debate up until this point, the full proposal hadn't actually been published outside of the FCC — rather, once detail leaked outside of the commission that its new proposal would leave room for service providers to create internet "fast lanes," the agency began explaining more and more about what the public should expect to see from it.

Changes are said to have been made since the controversy around it began last month, but the core tenets are still there, including the introduction of a "commercially reasonable" standard to determine when service providers can prioritize some internet traffic over another. Fortunately for net neutrality advocates, the proposal isn't final just yet: it now enters into a lengthy public comment period that will end in September, after which the commission will draw on those comments to create its final rules.