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Google helps out cyclists by adding elevation data to Maps bike routes

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Google has quietly begun adding elevation data for bike routes listed on Google Maps. TechCrunch first spotted the new elevation profiles, and the company has since confirmed it's taking new steps to offer cyclists a better preview of bike routes and trails. It'll certainly be a welcome improvement for riders, who previously had to turn elsewhere if they wanted to know whether they'd be climbing a steep hill or flying down a mountain ahead of time.

And Google's implementation does more than simply tell you how high you'll be going. When you pick a route that contains elevation info, you'll see a card appear that breaks down exactly how much of the trip will be spent spent riding uphill (and also down). Google has yet to officially announce the new feature, and it's currently not appearing in Google Maps for mobile. But if history is any indication, it won't be long before you're able to scope out routes on the go.