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The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan is bringing wrestling to AMC

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Billy Corgan
Billy Corgan
(Andra Veraart / Flickr)

With Breaking Bad over and Mad Men in its final season, AMC is in need of a few new shows to draw audiences in. To help fill the void left by their Emmy-winning fare, the network today announced that it is greenlighting a wrestling reality show, with The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan at the center of it all.

According to VarietyUntitled Billy Corgan Wresting Project follows Corgan as he develops storylines for and manages the inner workings of his real-life Chicago-based wrestling outfit Resistance Pro. A long-time wrestling fan, Corgan founded Resistance Pro in 2011 and has served as its creative director ever since. Still, the company has failed to really get off the ground in three years. He now hopes a TV show can do the trick, and has been developing the series with AMC since earlier this year. The new series will air in eight hour-long installments, though it hasn't received a premiere date — or a proper title — yet.