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Watch the first episode of AMC's tech drama 'Halt and Catch Fire' right now

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AMC has been building hype for its upcoming drama Halt and Catch Fire, and today it's letting viewers watch the first episode for free. Starting today and running through May 31st, viewers will be able to watch the episode both on AMC's site and on the network's newly-launched Tumblr page. While the episode will be available through various video on demand services as well, Tumblr is calling the sneak peek the first time it has ever premiered a television show.

Created by the writing team of Christopher Cantwell and Christopher Rogers, Halt and Catch Fire takes place in Texas in 1983, amidst the personal computing revolution. It focuses on a charismatic salesman (Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies) and a brilliant engineer (Scoot McNairy, Argo) as they team up to reverse engineer the IBM PC and change the industry forever. It might not sound like riveting material for a television show at first glance, but we caught an early glimpse of the show at SXSW and found its mix of personal drama and early tech wizardry incredibly intriguing. You can take a look for yourself online right now, but the show will have its official premiere June 1st at 10PM.