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Twitter reportedly considering purchase of SoundCloud

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Twitter made a big, failed attempt at music last year, but that isn't stopping the company from finding a way to make music a bigger part of its service. According to Recode, Twitter is considering purchasing SoundCloud, one of the internet's best homes for sharing music. There's no word on how much SoundCloud might fetch from Twitter, though the company raised a funding round that valued it at $700 million earlier this year.

Such a purchase might make a lot of sense for Twitter — SoundCloud is already considered one of the premiere destinations for sharing music, whether you're an independent musician or someone as big as Snoop Dogg. Content uploaded to SoundCloud is already widely shared on Twitter, and its music files are easily embeddable across the internet. It also has a large, 250 million member community of users who can leave comments on any specific point of an uploaded song or audio file they choose. The company describes itself as the YouTube of music, and a deal with Twitter might provide an easy way for SoundCloud to start selling ads against its content.