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Mario and Link get hot in this commentary on Nintendo's 'Tomodachi Life'

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HBO's John Oliver shows popular Nintendo characters in same-sex relationships

Screenshot from 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)'
Screenshot from 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)'
HBO (YouTube)

Comedian John Oliver has some playful ideas about how Nintendo characters might respond to the controversy over the company's decision not to allow same-sex relationships in its new people simulator Tomodachi Life. On the latest episode of his new HBO series Last Week Tonight, Oliver showed popular Nintendo characters reacting to the company's apology and stated commitment to greater diversity by celebrating their own same-sex relationships. In imagined footage using Nintendo-like graphics, Mario makes out with Link, Yoshi marries Toad, and Bowser is seen mourning the loss of his partner Donkey Kong. The segment is clearly all in good fun, but it also raises some larger questions about the extent to which video games do, and should, reflect the full variety of human relationships. Check the segment out for yourself in the following clip (starts at 1:24).