OnePlus One or Nexus 5?


Switching back to Android from a dubious 6 months with an iPhone 5s- and my two options are the One or the Nexus 5.

Form factor-wise, I love the Nexus 5, it is the perfect size for me. My main hesitance with the One is its apparent similarity in size to a Galaxy Note 3. I know the One has the beefier specs, battery, etc., but am truly torn. Also, it's not really even a viable purchase at this present moment, given the current invite system.

Has anyone here been able to go hands on with the One yet? How does it compare in hand to the Nexus? Am I foolish for even considering the 6 month old Nexus when this unlocked monster is about to hit?

Would love to chat with someone who's had some hands on time with it!