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My Windows Phone 8.1 Surprise


Hey guys, I recently won a Lumia 1520 as a part of Microsoft's "Opportunity Rings" promotion. I've had an 822 for some months now, and I've been excited about 8.1 since Build, but I prefer it on a larger screen with full HD so I waited to download it.

Before downloading the new OS I didn't see myself using Cortana very much or liking the new translucent wallpapers feature @ all, but to my surprise it's been the exact opposite.

I use Cortana all the time. She's great for search and for information, and I use her to set appointments & reminders at least three to four times a week.

The new wallpaper is by far my biggest surprise. I really didn't like the images I'd seen online, but when I tried it w/ a personal photo on my phone instead of one of the pictures Microsoft gives it really comes through nicely. I've found it doesn't work w/ every picture, but it's far better than I thought it would be, and now I'm looking for other pictures that work well that I can rotate.

What do you guys think? We're any of you surprised by these features or any others in Windows Phone 8.1?