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NASA artifacts and a piece of the Hindenburg go up for auction

Massive aerospace sale spans the Wright Brothers to the Space Shuttle

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While a glove belonging to the second man on the moon might be a curiosity to most, a collector may soon pay thousands to own it. The upcoming 7th Space and Aviation Autograph and Artifact Auction will feature a massive catalogue of over 600 other relics from aerospace history. Though no individual item truly stands out, the scope of the auction spans nearly a century of progress in space and aviation.

Beginning May 15th, historical memorabilia like a manuscript written by one of the Wright brothers, a metal fragment of the ill-fated Hindenburg, Charles Lindbergh's autobiography, and a signed photograph of Amelia Earhart will be put on sale. Some of the most expensive items in the auction originate from space exploration's past. The rotational hand controller from Apollo 15's Lunar Module Falcon sits atop of that list with a starting bid of $10,000.

Other items include a miniature reproduction of the Declaration of Independence that journeyed to the moon, American flags that have been flown into space, gold foil from the Apollo 13 Odyssey command module, and an Apollo 11 checklist signed by Buzz Aldrin. "This sheet has been in my private collection since 1969," he writes in an accompanying letter.

The week-long event organized by RR Auction will end May 22nd.

7th Space and Aviation Autograph and Artifact Auction


This is one of the seven articles published by aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright. Wilbur Wright's signature, along with notations made by his brother Orville Wright, can be found on the manuscript.