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You bring the spandex, Poolside.FM brings the party

You bring the spandex, Poolside.FM brings the party


'80s VHS video clips pump up the summer jamz

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Poolside.FM could be the perfect accompaniment to rising temperatures and the imminent arrival of outdoor barbecues. The website created by Marty Bell and Grant MacLennan pairs nostalgic video clips from the halcyon days of the '80s with user-submitted audio tracks. The footage on Poolside.FM originates from a YouTube playlist consisting of old advertisements and scenes from classic movies like Back to the Beach and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The result is a myriad of idyllic vignettes featuring rollerbladers, women with enormous hair, and people doing aerobics in leotards set to music evocative of the decade.

The two-man team behind Poolside.FM has done a fantastic job at ensuring that the songs match the videos, creating an overall experience that drips teenage dreams and summer heat. For those who didn't grow up with '80s Americana, it's also a fascinating glimpse of what passed for cool in the era. Be advised that while most of the videos on Poolside.FM are relatively tame, the site contains enough provocative shots of scantily-clad women to make it inappropriate for the workplace.