There’s something to be said for any game that can spin a story about a struck-dumb singer with a talking sword and provoke an emotional reaction. Transistor, the second title from San Jose’s Supergiant Games, is exactly that; it’s a gorgeous cyberpunk adventure that will confuse, charm, and addict you.

Supergiant’s first game, Bastion, was a breakout indie success that sold millions of copies across almost every platform imaginable. Transistor has three obvious things in common with Bastion: it uses an isometric perspective with beautiful hand-drawn 2D art, it’s an action role-playing game where you level up your character’s abilities through countless battles, and it has a gritty voiceover that serves as your constant accompaniment. And while all these elements are enough to make Bastion fans happy, Supergiant has expanded upon each of them to make Transistor a different, more compelling proposition.