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Oculus Rift is coming to Chuck E. Cheese

Oculus Rift is coming to Chuck E. Cheese


Virtual ball pits can't be far behind

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Chuck E. Cheese is moving into virtual reality. The restaurant chain has just announced a new test program, which will see it use the Oculus Rift headset to simulate a ticket blaster — a large tube where prize tickets whizz around your head — at birthday parties. In the new version, you'll be able to grab virtual tickets that can be redeemed at an IRL merchandise counter. As of now the use of the Rift will be very limited, restricted to a six-week pilot program across three markets, including Dallas, Orlando, and San Diego.

Nearly 30 restaurants in total will be part of the test, and it sounds like the company is eager to use the technology even more in the future. "Oculus Rift technology is the next frontier in the gaming industry," says company president Roger Cardinale. It's not quite as ambitious as Oculus' plan to build a billion person VR MMO, but it could make for much more sanitary ball pits.