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'Dark Dungeons' trailer brings Jack Chick's infamous anti-D&D tract to film

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As anyone who has played a tabletop RPG can attest, to roll a character is to enter a dangerous world. Reality becomes the game. The game becomes the reality. Your intense occult training prepares you to enter a coven. It's all obvious stuff, really.


Dark Dungeons: The Movie, which raised funds on Kickstarter last year, is an adaptation of evangelist Jack Chick's 1984 piece of Dungeons & Dragons scaremongering. Judging by the trailer and a writeup in Wired, the filmmakers are playing it just as straight as the tract's bizarre vision of pop culture requires, complete with a sinister dungeon master, literally blood-soaked dice, and a Jack Chick-approved book burning. Its creator supposedly got the actual rights from Chick for free after offering to buy them with his lottery winnings, an impressive coup from a famously reclusive man. Dark Dungeons premieres this August at the GenCon gaming convention, but you can — and should — read the source material right now.