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Twitter's plans to purchase SoundCloud have evaporated, claims report

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Yesterday, a report circulated claiming that Twitter was looking to purchase music streaming site SoundCloud — but it appears the deal is dead, at least for now. The Wall Street Journal backs up the claims that Twitter was indeed interested in purchasing SoundCloud but has backed out of talks because "the numbers didn't add up." SoundCloud had been negotiating with Twitter under a period of exclusivity, but now it sounds like the company is free to talk with anyone about a potential purchase — though the WSJ doesn't note if SoundCloud will actively be courting other potential suitors.

This news comes just a few months after Twitter shut down its failed #Music app and service. A purchase of SoundCloud could have been a smart choice to reinvigorate Twitter's music ambitions, particularly if SoundCloud can close licensing deals with major labels. But for now, it appears the two companies will go their separate ways.