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Arsenio Hall starts Indiegogo campaign to buy LA Clippers

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Since current Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for making racist remarks last month, a number of celebrities and moguls have expressed an interest in buying the team. Arsenio Hall is now officially joining the contenders with his own owner aspirations. But since he lacks the billions to pay for it, he is turning to Indiegogo to help with the sale.

Hall already expressed an interest in buying the team via Kickstarter earlier this month on his late-night show, but it was a joke at the time. Now, the campaign is real, though he probably knows he can't pull it off. All the same, he has already raised more than $1,000. The rewards on the page also get progressively more outlandish the higher they go. Starting with prizes like retweets, donations of $35,000, for instance, will get Arsenio to get temporary tramp stamps of the donors' names.