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Good Deal: Gorgeous fantasy game 'The Banner Saga' is 40 percent off

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A great deal on a great game

The Banner Saga is a strategy game set in a world of Vikings, giants, and Norse gods. It's also one of the most beautifully realized games in recent memory. Created by a trio of ex-Bioware developers and funded through Kickstarter, it features gorgeous character design and artwork more akin to '70s animation than a video game. In The Banner Saga, you'll control a number of parties as you make your way through the game's lush fantasy world, making important decisions that affect the complex multi-narrative story, as well as fighting off hordes of villains through simple-to-understand battles similar to Final Fantasy Tactics' turn-based combat system. The first part of a projected trilogy, The Banner Saga is usually priced at $24.99 but is currently reduced to $14.99 through Steam.