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PetMatch helps you find your own Doge

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Free iOS app finds lookalikes on Petfinder

PetMatch is a new iOS app that allows users to input photographs of animals in order to find their lookalikes on Petfinder, a database of adoptable pets in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, it provides details like contact information for the shelter or organization housing the critters.

According to TechCrunch, the app uses Superfish's image recognition technology to identify "the distance between the animal's eyes, the angle of its mouth, and the shape of its face as a whole." An attempt at locating Venus the Two-Faced Cat's twin revealed that PetMatch can identify colors and fur patterns with some accuracy. Searching for Doge yields similar results but fails to display any matches belonging to the Shiba breed.


The app works best with furred creatures. Pictures of arowanas or iguanas seldom bring results, and entering a photo of Lady Gaga returned a match with a hamster. The free app is currently only available in the Canadian and US iTunes store.