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'Adventure Time' creator is illustrating a strange game on Twitter

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Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has turned his Twitter account into a strange role-playing game that has him drawing a prisoner's view of the world and letting his followers tweet in what the character should do next. The game, which he's calling Quest Attack, is as bizarre as one might expect something to be from the creator of Adventure Time. It began yesterday, when Ward tweeted out a drawing that looked like it could have been made in MS Paint with the caption, "You wake up in a dungeon cell," and asking what "you" do next.

From there, about two-dozen more images have been tweeted out as Ward draws what happens after each action. Because the controls are coming from random players, much like Twitch Plays Pokémon, the results are fairly hectic. There have been two deaths so far, and there's a good chance there would be a lot more had Ward not put the game on "pause" three times now. The most recent pause happened almost an hour ago, right as players were searching their dungeon cell's toilet — home to a number of strange creatures — even though they've already acquired what is ostensibly the physical key that could set them free.