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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active makes early appearance on YouTube

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Samsung hasn't yet announced a Galaxy S5 Active, but the extra-rugged smartphone has already been revealed and closely examined in a pair of YouTube clips from TK Tech News. Like its predecessor, the S5 Active appears destined for AT&T in the United States. It also carries over the physical buttons of last year's model. The new version's molded corners suggest Samsung is building some level of drop protection right into the phone's design, and its textured sides should do a better job preventing drops — at least compared to the slick plastic found on the regular Galaxy S5. As you'd expect, Samsung hasn't forgotten about the heart rate sensor on its "Active" device, though it's far less clear if the company plans to include a fingerprint reader.

It will be interesting to see how much tougher the S5 Active is than the flagship model. Samsung's Galaxy S5 is already water resistant and perfectly capable of surviving a quick dunk. But perhaps the Active variant will be even better protected against wet conditions, allowing it to go deeper for longer periods of time. As for other specifications, it looks like the S5 Active will retain the 1080p Super AMOLED display 16-megapixel camera seen in the original. It's also again powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor, though the chipset is clocked just a bit faster here. There's no telling when Samsung will officially unveil the S5 Active, though this prototype looks pretty far along in the production process, so the wait may not be terrible. If you really want to dig in, full benchmarks and specs for the device are revealed in the second video below.