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Any.Do brings its popular task management app to the web

Any.Do brings its popular task management app to the web

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Any.Do is bringing its popular to-do app experience to the web. Today the company is launching its first web app, a project that Any.Do's team admits has been the most requested feature among its millions of users. That's currently 10 million users, to be specific. "Now you can get the same clear visibility into your daily priorities without having to pick up your phone or open the mobile app," the company said in a blog post announcing the web app.

If you've used Any.Do's mobile apps, everything here should feel pretty familiar. The goal is to make your task list accessible from anywhere, and the web obviously plays a crucial part in that strategy. When you launch the new web experience, you'll see a list of tasks waiting to be completed. But thankfully there's more to be discovered; Any.Do has built in two modes that take advantage of the fact that you're using a full web browser with plenty of room on screen.


Focus Mode helps make it easy to visualize upcoming tasks and puts everything you've got coming up in a single folder. Planning Mode is a bit different, as it shows multiple folders simultaneously and improves the process of moving tasks across folders and between dates. "A powerful way to plan today and into the future," as Any.Do describes it. You can check out Any.Do's web app right now; like its Android and iOS mobile apps (including Cal), it's free to use.