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Samsung reportedly killing its cloud music service this summer

Samsung reportedly killing its cloud music service this summer

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Samsung has aggressively promoted its many apps and services to customers, but now, it looks to be shutting one down. TechRadar is reporting that Samsung Music Hub users have been sent an email warning them of an impending shutdown on July 1st and urging them to download any purchased music before then. This news follows a tweet by Samsung marketing manager Philip Berne saying that the overall Samsung Hub app was "going away," though the message was not elaborated upon and later deleted. It also comes a couple of weeks after Samsung officially replaced its book service with a new Kindle app; Samsung Hub Books will be shut down on July 1st.

Samsung Music Hub launched in the US in July of 2012. Initially available only for the Galaxy S III, it was based on cloud music service mSpot and let users store uploaded or purchased music online, then stream it to multiple devices. More recently, though, Samsung has focused its efforts on Milk, a free streaming radio app launched in March. Both services exist in a crowded landscape, competing with everything from Spotify to Google Play Music to Beats Music, which was reportedly brought under Apple's wing earlier this month. While Music Hub is clearly no longer a focus, Samsung said last month that it's adding a $3.99 premium Milk tier with "exclusive features," though it hasn't given further details.