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Yelp will soon let its users add videos to business reviews

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Pretty soon you'll be able to give everyone on Yelp a video tour of your favorite coffee shop, lunch spot, or dive bar. The local recommendations company is slowly rolling out the ability to record small snippets of video. Business Insider got an early peek at the upcoming feature, which will initially be reserved for "elite" Yelpers before making its way to all users. Videos are limited to 12 seconds, so you'll need to save those longer thoughts on what you just ate for Yelp's text reviews. They'll appear alongside photos on a business listing, and even if you don't have the ability to post your own clips, you'll likely start seeing videos appear in June as Yelp's esteemed elites start uploading them.

The process of publishing videos looks extremely simple. You record a clip, choose a cover photo to represent it in a business' media gallery, and add a description. Yelp will gradually bring the best videos more exposure by surfacing them at the top, and the company will also have safeguards in place to quickly kill inappropriate videos. Business Insider has some screenshots of the video interface, so head over there if you want a closer look.