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Super Important Tweet is a great way to troll Twitter

Super Important Tweet is a great way to troll Twitter


Get the attention you deserve

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Your opinion is super important. There's one problem, though: when you tweet, you don't get the attention you deserve. Thankfully, the Super Important Tweet service exists. It's a simple site that lets you highlight the importance of your words. Using it couldn't be easier: just type in what you want to tweet, pick a color, and send your tweet. It'll look something like this:


Super Important Tweet is a solid way to troll your followers, but it also serves to highlight the general messiness images introduce to Twitter feeds. Since the social network added inline photo and Vine previews last year, there's been a steady increase in users and businesses using images to draw attention to their tweets. Now that most users are doing it, it can feel overwhelming compared to the text-only service of yore.

Sometimes images add value to a tweet, but often they don't, and if you follow a lot of brands and publications you're likely to find your Twitter feed full of pictures that you don't want to see. "Humorous" memes, terrifyingly ill-judged tributes, and photos that add nothing to links are commonplace. So use Super Important Tweet once, maybe even twice, but don't be surprised if you end up on everyone's mute list.