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Kill the Facebook News Feed

Kill the Facebook News Feed


Revel in silence

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Remember Facebook? There was a time, years ago, when Facebook was new. It was a cozy little hamlet for each college and university. It was that thing "coming soon" to your school. It was an oasis in the desert of MySpace. But then Facebook added the News Feed. It opened to everyone. Soon, your own mother was rifling through photo albums filled with beer pong and liking status updates on YOLO-related matters. Facebook got your mom, and then it got corporate.

Despite the lamentations of the mildly miffed, Facebook never went back. But now you can. Thanks to a neat little browser hack from student Max Friedrich, Safari users can send the News Feed to oblivion. And if you're a Chrome user, there's an even simpler way to obliterate the feed using this browser plugin (or even this one). Sure, you could solve Facebook's friend problem by thoughtfully putting people into buckets and clicking lots of buttons, but if you don't have time to curate the social network like a museum director, there's always the nuclear option.