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Google offers employees best pay and benefits, according to new survey

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If a big paycheck is what you're after, Google is your best option among potential employers in Silicon Valley. In fact, the company also bests non-tech businesses when it comes to compensation and benefits. Google ranked first in a new survey from Glassdoor, coming in ahead of Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe and others. Engineers in Mountain View enjoy an average base salary of $128,000. Facebook’s engineers make slightly less at $120,000. Microsoft and Amazon round out the list of top tech firms, paying base salaries of $111,000 and $105,000.

Apple actually pays its engineers more than Amazon — or anyone else for that matter. They receive an average of $132,000, but the company's overall score is pulled down thanks to its enormous retail operation. Those workers make far less than engineers in Cupertino, and as a result Apple doesn't even appear in the top 25 of Glasdoor's survey, which is based on rankings voluntarily submitted by employees at each company. The numerous other perks (gourmet meals, luxurious surroundings, stock, etc.) that come with working at Google are well documented, but clearly that hasn't stopped the company from cutting back where it counts most. Retailer Costco ranks second on the list, with Facebook filling out the top three.