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Martha Stewart has a drone, and she thinks it's 'beautiful'

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Martha Stewart loves her iPad, and apparently she's picked up a sweet new toy for it. Stewart says that she's recently become taken with Parrot's AR.Drone 2.0, a lightweight copter that's controlled using smartphone and tablet apps. She wrote a short blurb about it in the May issue of her magazine, according to Yahoo, and she spoke with Vanity Fair about taking it for a spin around her farm earlier this week. "It flies all over my farm and takes pictures," she says. "It takes wonderful aerial photographs."

Stewart hasn't taken the drone inside her home for fear that it'll bang into something, and she tells Vanity Fair that she keeps it up fairly high too to avoid scaring her animals. "You can control the altitude, you can control the speed, you can control where it’s going," Stewart tells Vanity Fair. "It’s easy to use, actually." Parrot happened to unveil a new version of its AR.Drone last week, with a better camera and an updated design. For now though, it sounds like Stewart is quite attached to the one she has. "You can really control it, it’s gentle. It’s lightweight, too," she says. "It’s very beautiful."