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Netflix reportedly wants a 'Wet Hot American Summer' TV series

Netflix reportedly wants a 'Wet Hot American Summer' TV series

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Netflix is reportedly in talks to develop a series based in the world of Wet Hot American Summer. According to Variety, the streaming service, taking cues from its success with Arrested Development, wants to create a 10-episode prequel series that may even reunite the cast from the 2001 comedy.

A cult following among comedy fans

Wet Hot American Summer, a romantic comedy parody that takes place at Camp Firewood in the summer of 1981, has by now developed quite a cult following. Even though it endured a critical shellacking when it hit theaters, it went on to do better on home video than it ever did during its theatrical run. The new series will reportedly then take place while the main characters — including such comedy mainstays as Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, and Bradley Cooper — are still in high school. (Which is comedy in and of itself since many of the actors are in their forties.) Even though getting the entire ensemble cast to shoot together might be difficult, Variety reports that the hope is that each star could film their scenes in just a few days since they're not all needed for every episode.

The series hasn't yet been greenlit, and there are no guarantees that it will be picked up. However, it the series does get the go-ahead, it'll be be yet another win for Netflix. We've reached out for comment.