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Disney scraps 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons' dogfighting game

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Disney Interactive

In another blow to Star Wars fans who like playing Star Wars video games, Disney Interactive has called it quits on what was set to be an upcoming game in the series canon. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons — which let up to 16 people engage in space dogfights with one another — is being shut down following private beta test. Disney Interactive announced the end of the free-to-play game's development on its Facebook page today, saying it plans to "focus on other Star Wars game experiences" instead.

The game was originally announced last December, under the development of studio Area 52. It came just months after the closure of LucasArts, the studio in charge of most all the Star Wars games beginning in the 1990s, which reportedly scrapped some titles that were still in development. For its part, Attack Squadrons was set to be a departure from many of the previous Star Wars titles, existing as the only game you could play through a web browser instead of on PCs or game consoles.