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These are the customized Lamborghinis of Japan's underworld

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What do you do with your Lamborghini if you think it isn't getting enough attention? For some of the yakuza in Tokyo's underground, you customize it with vinyl wraps, flashing lights, and strings of colored LEDs. Japan-based director and cinematographer Luke Huxham created a mini-documentary last year offering a wonderful peek inside this subculture, which has blossomed from illegal, loud bōsōzoku motorcycle gangs full of young daredevils. Huxham managed to gain access to a man named Morohoshi-san, who invited him to shoot the short film about the gang and its customized rides.

"It’s not for the thrill," Morohoshi-san says in the documentary. "My [bōsōzoku] is for the pursuit of being who I am." His fascination with customized Lamborghinis started at 17, he says, when he saw — and heard — one of the Italian supercars for the first time. "I was mesmerized, and decided, then, that I would drive it no matter what it takes." Details are slim on what kind of "gray area" activities Morohoshi-san and his "bad" friends do to make a living, but it's clear that they express themselves through their outrageously blinged-out Lambos. Another Lamborghini fan caught up with Morohoshi-san — and his crew of customized supercars — earlier this year, and published a short video (bottom) with some of the latest designs on YouTube. The highlight? An eye-popping Lamborghini wrapped in a holographic vinyl film.