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Apple touts the iPad's uses from sightseeing to symphonies

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New ads show how composer and travel writer use the iPad Air

Apple has revealed two new ads for its iPad Air designed to demonstrate the benefits of the device for globe-trotting users. The ads, which focus on the lives of iPad users rather than the device directly, feel almost like short films. One of the commercials tracks American travel writer Chérie King as she journeys between Iceland, Morocco, and Vietnam, using her iPad Air to take pictures of waterfalls, write travel tips, and tell a market stall owner that she loves his shop in Arabic.

The other follows Finnish composer Esa-Pekka Salonen. Salonen dreams up a new melody while shaving, before using The Orchestra — an iPad app he helped create in 2012 — to note it down, eventually performing the fleshed-out composition with the help of a real orchestra. The ads are the latest in Apple's "Your Verse" series. The first ad in the series, released in January, set shots of stormchasers, Bollywood dancers, and sumo wrestlers to a Robin Williams' voiceover taken from Dead Poets' Society to lend the campaign an aspirational air.