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'Edge of Tomorrow' clips show Tom Cruise fighting, training, and dying over and over again

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Edge of Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling films of the summer. It's a sci-fi Groundhog Day that finds Tom Cruise in a mech suit battling off aliens, dying again and again only to find himself back where he started, free to train until — presumably — he's capable enough to fend them off once and for all. We've already seen a few great trailers for the film, but now a number of new clips have been released showing Tom Cruise fighting off aliens and going through some intense and dangerous training.

While there don't appear to be specific spoilers, be warned that at this point you're effectively watching a few minutes of the movie by checking out the clips below. That said, they're intriguing, just a little bit funny, and seriously hectic, with exactly the type of quick action that may get you excited for the movie's release next week, on June 6th.