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MH370 satellite data is now available to amateur sleuths

MH370 satellite data is now available to amateur sleuths


Experts say plane was out of fuel by final transmission

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The Malaysian government today published a 47-page report detailing the final automated communications of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. According to Australian air-accident analysts, the report — which shows the automatic "pings" of information that travelled between the aircraft and a satellite belonging to British firm Inmarsat — suggests that the aircraft had likely run out of fuel and was descending at the time it sent its last update. The raw data was published by Malaysia's department of civil aviation after families of the jet's missing passengers pressured the country's government for greater transparency in its investigation.

Australian analysts still believe the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, but the country's naval vessel Ocean Shield is set to abandon its search on Wednesday after a fruitless search — a week before authorities will open up the hunt for the missing craft to private contractors. In the meantime, experts are combing through today's data in an attempt to find a clue as to flight 370's fate.