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Spotify's been hacked, but only one user is affected so far

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Spotify CTO Oskar Stål just published a blog post revealing that someone managed to gain unauthorized access to his company's systems and internal data. "As soon as we were aware of this issue we immediately launched an investigation," Stål said. Based on that investigation, Spotify believes the hack has so far affected just one lone user — and apparently the intruder was unable to steal his password or payment information. "We are not aware of any increased risk to users as a result of this incident," he said.

But Spotify is still taking precautions to kill any chance of the threat growing larger. In the coming days, "certain" users will be automatically signed out of the subscription music service and be asked to re-enter their login credentials. The company is paying special attention to Android listeners and encouraging them to quickly install the latest updates for that app. "We are going to guide Android app users to upgrade over the next few days," said Stål, noting that iOS and Windows Phone users don't have any specific actions to take as a result of the breach. Unfortunately, any playlists you've downloaded for offline listening will need to be re-downloaded after the new version is installed. Spotify says it's immediately taking measures to "strengthen our security systems in general and help protect you and your data."