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Lomography introduces its first instant camera

Lomography introduces its first instant camera


The Lomo Instant is an instant hit on Kickstarter

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Lomography has been making vintage-inspired toy film cameras for decades, but today the company announced its first camera to use instant film. The Lomo Instant uses Fujifilm's Instax Mini film (just like Fujifilm's own instax mini 90 camera) and has a playful, customizable retro look. There is a built-in wide-angle lens and Lomography is also offering fisheye and portrait lens attachments. The camera also offers automatic and manual shooting modes, support for multiple exposures and long exposures, color gels for the flash, a tripod mount, and cable-release thread.


Instant photography has seen a bit of a renaissance in recent years thanks to Fujifilm's popular Instax cameras and the Impossible Project, and it's clear that Lomography is keen to capitalize on that. The company is using Kickstarter to launch the Lomo Instant, and it has already reached its goal of $100,000, so the camera should make it to production with an expected release date of this November. Lomography is an old pro at Kickstarter — the company has launched a number of products using the service — and it's not clear why an established company needs to use crowdfunding to introduce new products to market. Still, the Lomo'Instant looks interesting and fun, and based on the quick response from backers, it also looks like it will be quite popular.