There’s a host of reasons why 3D printing hasn’t exactly broken through to the mainstream yet, despite a number of attempts from companies big and small. High cost and complexity have long been concerns, but perhaps more importantly, no company has yet made a strong case for why you should have a 3D printer in your home — it has remained a niche hobby that requires expensive and ugly hardware.

A startup called New Matter thinks its Mod T printer can bring 3D printing to the mainstream by removing what it sees as the biggest impediments to adoption. The Mod T is up for preorder via a just-launched Indiegogo campaign. It’s a low-cost printer that the company claims will have a large library of great objects to print — and its minimalist hardware design has resulted in a printer users won’t want to hide away in their closets when it’s not in use. That last area of focus was nurtured through a close partnership with the influential product-design firm Frog — a partnership that was instrumental in executing the vision that New Matter co-founder and CTO Steve Schell came up with late last year.