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See the alien designs for Spielberg's abandoned 'Close Encounters' sequel

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11 Rick Baker extraterrestrials for 'Night Skies'

Rick Baker

Special-effects legend Rick Baker recently posted a series of photographs showcasing his unused creature designs from Night Skies, the alien movie Steven Spielberg never made. Cinematellica writes that Baker made 11 unique extraterrestrials based on a list of personality descriptions and a script written by John Sayles. On Twitter, Baker implicated the similarities between Spielberg's E.T. and his own designs. "Not finished, no eyes. Cover the top of his head and tell me who he looks like," tweeted Baker.

Night Skies was intended to be a darker sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which pivoted around a man's encounter with a UFO. Spielberg eventually canned the horror science fiction film in favor of what would later become E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial after meeting with screenwriter Melissa Mathison.