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Asus' PadFone X will finally be available in the US next month

Asus' PadFone X will finally be available in the US next month


AT&T to offer preorders for the convertible tablet and smartphone starting on June 6th

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Back in January, AT&T and Asus announced that the PadFone X, the latest version of Asus' convertible smartphone and tablet concept, would finally come to the US this year. Nearly five months later, the companies are fulfilling their promise, as AT&T has announced that the PadFone X will be available for preorder starting on June 6th. The PadFone X will sell for $199.99 with a new contract and comes with a docking station that converts the 5-inch smartphone into a 9-inch tablet. The X is also one of the first phones to supports VoLTE on AT&T's network, which just launched in limited markets last week.

Asus has been pushing its PadFone concept for years with a variety of designs that all play off the "turn your smartphone into a tablet and back" mantra. The company released a number of iterations in the Asian market, but it hasn't yet brought the product to the US. Asus isn't exactly known for its smartphones in the US, so it will likely be a challenge to get customers on board with its unique vision for what a smartphone and tablet should be. We'll have to wait until we get our hands on a PadFone X to see if the product's strengths are enough to entice buyers.