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Beats Music lowers its pricing as Apple buys it out

Beats Music lowers its pricing as Apple buys it out


Free trial period extended to 14 days

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The same day its acquisition by Apple was announced, Beats Music has lowered its annual subscription fee. The service now costs $99.99 for a year, down from $119.88 — there was previously no saving on paying the regular $9.99 price every month. That monthly fee remains the same, but Beats has also extended the free trial period from 7 to 14 days. AT&T customers still get a three-month trial.

The pricing revision means that Beats effectively gives you two more months of service than its main competitors, Spotify and Rdio, if you're committed to spending $100 on streaming music. Both rival platforms do offer $5-a-month plans, but Rdio's doesn't include mobile streaming and Spotify's is limited to students. Beats has no free tier, however, and is reportedly struggling to gain subscribers.

The new pricing comes as part of an update for Beats Music apps on iOS and Android; it doesn't appear to be available on Windows Phone for now.