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Watch Android Wear in action on an LG smartwatch

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Until now we've been teased with tantalizing stills and rendered videos of Android Wear, Google's operating system for wearables. But today we're finally getting a look at the real thing running on LG's upcoming smartwatch. AppDated somehow managed to get hands-on time with the device at a recent event while everyone else was focused on the just-announced LG G3 smartphone. We're not entirely clear on what's being said in the video — nor how far along this version of Android Wear is. An option for filing a bug report suggests it's by no means final. But it's footage of Google's software running on a real watch, and that's what everyone's been waiting for since March.

The video reveals a fairly basic list of things you might want to check on your wrist, including alarms, calendar appointments, messages, and other conveniences like an airplane mode toggle. We also get a quick look at some watchfaces and a battery percentage indicator, but not much else. The first watches running Android Wear are due this summer, so we should be seeing much more of Google's wearable software very soon.