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Google splits up Drive app, requires standalone apps to edit documents

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Google Drive users: the latest update to the mobile app may not please you. In a new version of the app — recently released for iOS and coming soon to Android — Google has removed the ability to edit documents. The change comes alongside the new standalone Docs and Sheets apps, which are now linked to the Drive app. When you go to edit a document in Drive, the app now prompts you to download one of the standalone apps if you haven't already. The file will then open directly in Docs or Sheets once you've installed the apps.

The change may seem inconvenient, but it's all part of Google's move to unbundle its Drive app into clearer apps with specific uses. Drive now focuses on cloud storage and management, while the recently-separated Docs, Sheets, and (upcoming) Slides apps are for editing and creating documents. Some good news is that the standalone apps bring offline editing to the table, and the updated Drive app includes an option to password-protect access to your cloud storage.