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Sensibo wants to make your dumb air conditioner smart

Sensibo wants to make your dumb air conditioner smart


Crowdfunding a solution for more efficient A/C

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Intelligent temperature control is becoming increasingly popular, in part thanks to the success of smart devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat. Over at Indiegogo, an Israeli startup is looking to fund Sensibo, its attempt at appending smart functionalities to just about any remote-controlled air conditioner.

Make any air conditioner smart

Should the $70,000 crowdfunding campaign prove successful, Sensibo's makers promise a wide taxonomy of features for the manufacturer-agnostic device. This includes awareness of local weather conditions, the ability to determine when an air-conditioner's filters require cleaning, and "eco-sense algorithms" that can estimate power consumption. The core gadget is a "pod" equipped with two microprocessors, multiple infrared emitters, and sensors that allow it to gauge humidity, temperature, lighting, and whether a room is occupied. It also comes with an app outfitted with pre-installed commands, multiple modes, alarm clock synchronization, and other functions.

Capable of operating alongside an air conditioner's normal remote, Sensibo can purportedly lower the appliance's carbon footprint by an average of 40 percent. The product will retail for $159 but backers willing to take a bet on Sensibo's success can reserve a kit for $79, with orders expected to be fulfilled in January 2015.