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Stitch is Tinder for senior citizens, but not just for hooking up

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Stitch is like Tinder, but for your grandma. Well, not exactly. Stitch isn't just meant for hooking up — it's meant for finding a companion to go to the movies or ballroom dancing with. For many "mature adults," as Stitch calls them, that might be just what the doctor ordered. "Believe it or not, for seniors loneliness is a bigger killer than smoking or obesity," founder Andrew Dowling told Vice. "The reality is that we need to stay socially connected, if we want to stay healthy."

"For seniors loneliness is a bigger killer than smoking or obesity"

Dowling found previous success building Tapestry, a news feed that let seniors keep up with their loved ones' updates, no matter where they posted them. Stitch, on the other hand, is a lot like other dating services, but a few wrinkles could make it feel a lot different. First, the site verifies the identity of every user, and also only shows results for matches close to you. "Almost half the users we interviewed brought up their experiences with scammers on online dating sites," says Dowling. "Someone from the other side of the country would message them and strike up a conversation, try to get to know them and then ask for money."

Additionally, you must take your profile photo using the app, and you can't message other users. There's only a button to make a phone call, which Dowling says is all Stitch needs. And unlike most services today, Stitch lives mostly on the web, and not yet inside a mobile app. Stitch is very much like Tinder, however, in that you'll only be notified if a person you've chosen also likes you back. Stitch is only available in limited beta in California and in New South Wales, Australia, but should be rolling out more widely soon. For now, you can register in advance if you're interested.